Waste Derived Fuel
Recovered Carbon Black

The world's First & Only        ISO 14001:2015           Resource recovery company

The world's First & Only        ISO 9001:2015               Resource recovery company

The Country's first and only Hybrid feedstock waste to fuel Tyre Pyrolysis Company

The Country's first Female governed resource recovery social enterprise


We up-cycle over 1,50,000 tyres or approx. 3,000 tons of rubber a year


 We recycle nearly 1,00,00,000 pet bottles or approx. 540 tons of plastic annually 


Over 2,00,00,000 cups or approx. 180 tons are recycled annually


Reducing the country's crude dependency by recovering nearly 50,000 barrels worth of fuel

Reducing carbon emissions by 50% with production of 2,500 tons of recovered carbon

Reducing 70% resources by up-cycling over 1,000 tons of steel 

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